Friday, 7 September 2012

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I am taking a little stray away from food, as a one off, so that I can talk about my other love; books. The 8th September sees the world celebrate International Literacy day; a day in which book lovers and literacy enthusiasts bring awareness of literacy issues across the globe. As a book geek and a new mummy, I am passionate about reading and education and believe that all children should have access to books. Unfortunately there are children who have little or no access to books, even when they attend school, which is why it is important to support great organisations like Book Aid International. Book Aid helps increase access to books and supports literacy, education and development in Sub- Saharan Africa. Take a look at their website to hear more about the work they do and how they are helping to celebrate world literacy day this year.

As an ambassador for Barefoot Books, I want to support Book Aid by donating £1 for every book sold  via my online sales this month. For just £2 per month Book Aid can send a book out to Africa, so hopefully you can help send a few more out this month, whilst having a new book to share with your little one. As well as back to school favourites and books about world culture, there are lots of food related books if you have any budding foodies on your hands. All you need to do is take a look at the Barefoot shop using the links in this post and I will donate the money to Book Aid at the end of the month.

Don't forget to add discount TWENTY12 to get 20% off, if this is your first buying from Barefoot.

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