Monday, 17 September 2012

Cupcake fun

Seeing as it is National Cupcake Week, I thought I would write a post on cupcakes! I know that a lot of ' foodies' turn their noses up at the overly sweet smell of cupcakes but I think they bring a lot of fun to the baking world. Don't get me wrong, if I had the choice of a big fat wedge of lemon drizzle cake, that looks a bit rough around the edges and a perfectly formed cupcake with enough icing on it to give you a week long sugar rush, the lemon cake would win every time. Generally the cupcake is more about style over substance but sometimes a lady just loves pretty things and as much as I love lopsided, homely looking classics; I just cannot help but to smile at a well designed, guilt laden cupcake. Another reason I like cupcakes is that they are usually the first port of call when cooking with children, which is always fun and if made from scratch it means children get to learn how to bake a tasty treat rather than eat a cardboard like creation that has been sat in a box for months. I know that any cake is not the best for you but, as a little treat , homemade is always better than one full of salt and too many E numbers. It would be an understatement to say that the market is saturated with cupcake makers at the moment but in amongst the mass of generic cupcakes lie some pretty good bakers and cupcake artist; with good flavour combinations and thoughtful design. Say it with flours, is one cupcake decorator that I think ticks all the boxes when it comes to cupcakes; great tasting, inventive, fun and made from the heart rather than to simply make a few pennies.

I have made quite a few cupcakes in my time but I admit that my food always tastes a hell of a lot better than it looks, especially when it comes to delicate finishings. So, when I heard Say it with flours was holding a decorating class I thought I would pop along to get a few hints and tips. The class was held at Crafty Corner, a great local organisation run my a group of artistic mums that cater for all things crafty for children; well worth a visit if your little ones need entertaining. I usually shy away from anything that involves groups of women on a night out together but the session was relaxed, fun and informative and I'm glad I went along. Cupcakes may not be everyones cup of tea but, minus a bit of the icing, I certainly like the odd one with my brew.

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