Thursday, 9 June 2016

World Gin Night Recipes

Saturday 11th June is World Gin Day, yay! Yes, I know there is a day for everything these days and quite frankly nobody should want to celebrate 'World Marzipan Day' or 'Read a Road Map Day', but when it comes to gin any excuse to have a tipple is good for me.

Gin has experienced somewhat of a renaissance recently and all of the hipsters are drowning in bottles of the stuff. While it is slightly annoying how the whole world suddenly likes gin and dodgy 'gin bars' have popped up around the city, I love it and I am enjoying great new gin that has hit the market. I am quite partial to a Caorunn gin and the wonderful Liverpool gin but I am quite happy with Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay.

In the spirit of World gin day, I plan on trying a few new gin recipes on Saturday evening and may just include these fabulous gin cocktails.

Runway Martini

This Liverpool Gin recipe sounds fresh and frisky for a hot summer evening.

Grilled Cherry Sour

Just look at the colour of this cocktail. With four simple ingredients, this grilled cherry sour is easy to make and is sure to pack a punch.

Southside Royal

If I am honest, I much prefer my gin served simply with a good quality tonic and traditional lemon and lime, which is why I fancy this zesty little number.

The Rhubarb Sour

With an abundance of rhubarb at my allotment at the moment this rhubarb sour looks like just the ticket, it's just a shame that the sun is not going to be out this weekend.

Summer Babe

I am partial to a Tom Collins but this 'Summer Babe' looks like she may just turn my head.

I think these are the best gin recipes that I have found, although I am sure that I will carry on looking! How do you like to enjoy your gin?

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