Thursday, 22 January 2015

P&D Deli Liverpool

If you are a supporter of independent restaurants, cafes and bars, you are most likely to find yourself heading to the Bold Street end of town for lunch or tea (dinner for the posh people!), if you are in Liverpool. Whilst there are a few good independents dotted around other parts of town, there is a little bit in the middles, around Liverpool 1, where you struggle to avoid big name chains and bland coffee bars. Of course, all chains are not bad but I do like to put as much of my money as possible into local indie businesses. 

A saving grace around the Liverpool 1 and Whitechapel area in the form of the excellent P&D Deli on Tarelton Street, just off Williamson Square. The deli consists of a cafe area, with both indoor and outdoor seating, and a takeaway area selling traditional Italian sandwiches, pasta dishes, pizzas and salads. The highlight of the deli, though, is the wonderful counter filled with cakes, biscuits and the best gelato in the city. I have eaten A LOT of gelato in Italy and P&D's coconut gelato is amongst the best I have tasted, go and try some.

As with most Italian food, ingredients are simple and there is nothing fancy about the food on offer but it tastes very good. Classic flavours are put together simply to provide a great value for money lunch, that is so much better than a stodgy panini from a packet in a coffee shop chain. My usual order is the penne ariabiata, which is very reasonably priced and gives me my much needed chilli kicks. My daughter loves that freshly made pizzas on offer, which are not exactly to my taste as I prefer super thin crusts, but she loves them. Most importantly, the coffee at P&D's is very good and the service is excellent, they really are such a friendly bunch. I love the fact that the last time I was in, an older lady came in and asked for her usual, which was a cup of tea and a round of toast. I got the feeling that she used to visit when it was Sayers and just carried on going there every day and it's nice to think that she is still looked after the way she prefers. Tea and toast may not be on the menu or everyone but if you fancy a laid back lunch that is easy on the wallet, head to P&D's rather than a bland coffee shop next time you are stuck for somewhere to go for lunch.

Images taken from P&D

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