Sunday, 8 June 2014

Food Gifts for Father's Day

With Father's Day on the horizon, there will be plenty of people rushing around to look for last minute gifts. I am a little cynical about the commercial aspects of Father's Day, Mother's Day and the like, but my emotional side says that an excuse to spoil people can't be that bad. We all know that we should show love to one and other all year round but sometimes life just gets in the way, so a day like Father's Day allows us to stop, think and give well deserved treats! Here are a few of my favourite foodie gifts for Father's Day, that will show a little extravagance without breaking the bank

Say it with Biscuits

The Biscuiteers have a fun collection of biscuit greeting cards on offer this year, like this simple ' I love You ' message or a fun beer glass biscuit. You can personalise your card and there are plenty of options, depending on your budget.

For the Chocolate Lover 

Sticking with a sweet theme, this Father's Day hamper, from Hotel Chocolat, has a variety of treats that is ideal for sharing!

Bring on the Beer

Predictable I know, but a lot of Dad's out there do like a beer or two. Browse through a fine selection of beers from the fantastic Ship in a Bottle, to find the perfect craft beer for you dad.

I'll Have a Wine

If your dad is more of a wine drinker, there is a good selection of wines to suit all budgets, over at Laithwaite's. With monthly subscription offers, this would be a good gift for siblings pooling together to get a larger present.

Bring out the Cheese

Cheese and Wine, aaaahhh cheese and wine. Find the perfect accompaniment for a special bottle of wine over at Liverpool Cheese Company. Visit their Liverpool base, for fabulous 121 service or pop over to throw online shop for a virtual sniff.

Spice it Up

If you are looking forward to a bonding session with your Dad, what better way to do so than over an evening of cooking. This Jerusalem Hamper from Ottolenghi is perfect for introducing something a little different to your celebration dinner.

Everybody Love a New Mug

For a foodie gift that will keep on giving, this Becka Griffin Mug  is a fun gift, for tea and biscuit loving Dads. What's your favourite?

Whatever gift you choose this Father's Day, make sure you add an extra hug on the side and don't forget that foodie gifts are meant for sharing.

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