Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rhubarb and Vanilla Jammy Biscuits

My daughter came hopping down the stairs this morning, asking me to make Jammy Dodgers with her. I don't think she has ever had one or even seen one but something tells me my husband put the idea in her head before he trotted of to work. One look out of the window plus a long ' to do' list meant it was a day at home for us, catching up on work, crafting and making jammy dodgers, just to make that list a little longer. I am not a huge fan of jam, although I am obsessed with chocolate ( how many days until Lent is over?) I find most jams too sweet for my liking. I dabble a little bit in making my own jam now and again but generally leave to my local experts, with Grab Your Spoon being a favourite of my daughter. I picked up a jar of rhubarb jam from a school coffee morning a couple of weeks ago, so thought I would give it a whirl on today's biscuits. Mrs K's Kitchen's rhubarb name certainly has the right balance of sweet and tart! I knew my biscuits would not turn out looking the best, I am never very good at fancy presentation but I generally deliver on flavour. These simple shortbread based biscuits are  quick, easy and perfect for getting little hands to help you out.

I followed this recipe from Lavendar and Lovage but replaced the jam with my rhubarb jab, that works well great the Ndali Vanilla I used for the biscuits. I had no daisy cutter but I need to buy one as they look so cute. I used a simple circle cutter and used the top off a bottle for the middle of the top half of the biscuits.

I am guessing there will be a few rainy days over the next few weeks, so why not give these jammy biscuits a whirl for a bit of fruity fun.

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