Friday, 12 April 2013

Club Pizza : Liverpool review

I am not a massive fan of pizza, I can take it or leave it really. My husband, however, could eat if everyday if he could. When I am in the mood, however, a really good pizza is always welcome when something quick and easy in order. You can't really beat a homemade pizza but sometimes it is just a little too effort and all you want to do is pick up the phone and have your food delivered. Now, here is where the problem starts: there are very few good pizza delivery places that offer that really good pizza.  I suppose a couple of the pizza chains offer a quick fix and fill a hole created by too much wine or beer but when it comes to authentic Italian pizza, that doesn't leave you feeling a bit dirty afterwards, they are hard to come by. That is until recently when the arrival of Club Pizza, the latest establishment set up by Liverpool favourite ,The Italian Club.


Situated in the old ' Deli Mama ' site on Newington, Club Pizza is an Italian American takeaway that offers something a little different, such as Bolognese nachos and pulled pork burgers, as well as regular takeaway favourites. We ordered the Signor Maurizio pizza, an authentic thin base pizza topped simply with tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham and basil, along with a portion of Parmesan and balsamic fried and ' Cheeky Nina's Arancini '. I couldn't resist adding on a tasty sounding chilli dog, after reading good reviews online. In fact all of the reviews I read were great and well deserved. The pizza base was light and crisp and was not overloaded with topping, which often puts me off. My only qualm was that the pizza was on the cold side, despite a rather impressive delivery time. It could also have done with a little more basil. I only had one slice of pizza as I had to leave room for the rather large chilli dog, that was very good and would have been even better with more of a spice kick. The highlight of the meal was without doubt the arancini; a large ball of risotto coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. I am a big fan of arancini and Pizza Club's version was delicious. They also do a macaroni version so I will definitely be ordering one of those next time.

Takeaways are never going to serve food that blows your socks off but it doesn't have to be the kind that is only eaten because you are drunk or lazy ( think we have all eaten a dodgy cab along the way!) . There are a few great takeaways  in and around Liverpool for when you want to give yourself a break and, for me, Club Pizza could just the best Italian takeaway in town.

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