Monday, 18 March 2013

Easter Treats

I am without doubt a chocoholic. I am not a fan of hot chocolate but will pretty much eat any other form of chocolate and I am, quite frankly, a grump if I am deprived of chocolate for a few days. At my worst I have stayed up until 2am waiting for a cheap frozen chocolate cake to defrost in order to get my fix and at my best I have eaten some fantastic chocolate such as the brilliant Lauden Chocolate. Being a fan of all things local, I have to say that The Chocolate Cellar produce some delicious chocolate, particularly when it comes to their inventive range of truffles. A popular addition to the local farmers markets in and around Merseyside, you will see a queue of people lining up to buy anything from hot chocolate sticks to macaroons. You will have guessed that Easter is something I look forward to a lot so I am sure I will be snapping up some of The Chocolate Cellar's great looking eggs this year.

If you are not in Liverpool so are unable to get your hands on The Chocolate Cellars brilliant eggs ( above picture)  then here is my pick of some of the chocolate treats on offer this year, featuring my current chocolate and  peanut butter obsession.

 Connoisseur Egg Hotel chocolat
 Chocolate Hen's Eggs Rococo 
 Reester Bunny from Ocado
 Montezuma salted peanut butter eggs from  John Lewis

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