Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Almond yoghurt ice cream with gooseberry ripple

I know I'm inundating you with ice cream recipes but once I take the machine out to make one batch I always think of another new flavour. I recently used fresh blackcurrants from the garden to make blackcurrant and liquorice ice cream and could really taste the difference from using bland supermarket fruit. Where possible, I like to use produce is in season and is local, which is exactly what the gooseberries I picked up at church view farm were. As soon as I bought the gooseberries I made up a quick gooseberry jam that I could store and use for scones and desserts. With yoghurt that was about to go out of date, I made this quick almond yoghurt ice cream and added some of the gooseberry jam for a ripple of extra flavour. If you cannot make the jam then you can always go out and buy some but I always prefer homemade jam as bought in jams are often too sweet for my taste.


250ml natural yoghurt
100ml milk
75g sugar
1 tsp almond essence
4 tblsp gooseberry jam
2 tbsp water


1. Add sugar and milk into pan and heat gently for around 10 minutes, until sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool.
2. Add almond essence and yoghurt to the milk mixture and store in fridge, preferably overnight but for at least 2 hours if you are in a hurry. Follow instructions for your ice cream maker and churn.
3. Add the water and jam to a saucepan and cook over a low heat for 5 minutes, so that the jam loosens and is easy to ripple. Allow to cool.
4. In your storage container pour a thin layer of the ice cream then drizzle over the jam mixture, continue to add layers until all of the mixture is used up. be as messy as you like with the drizzle so that it mixes well with the yoghurt.

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